Online Optical Simulation Software

(c) 1997-2016 Andrew Sarangan

These tools can be used for simulating integrated optical circuits (IOC). The optical mode of a waveguide can be computed, and then numerically propagated through any user-defined optical structure. What makes this software unique is that everything can be done over a web browser. There is no need to install any software on your computer. The computation is performed entirely on the remote computing cluster. It makes no difference what computer you have (PC, Mac or even a iPhone), or how fast your internet connection is.

All the interfaces are written in very short html codes; there are no heavy graphics. All the numerical routines (which are implemented in 'C' and executed on a Linux platform) are entirely transparent to the user.

Now running on Amazon EC2.

This software is copyrighted material, but it is free for use. I only request that you make fair and appropriate acknowledgements if you use it for research or commercial purposes.

1dms 1-D Optical Waveguide Mode Solver

2dms 2-D Optical Waveguide Mode Solver

2dbpm 2-D Finite-Difference Beam Propagation Method